Saturday, November 8, 2008

Garden of the Dead - Part II

Brief History of Chicago Cemeteries

Up until 1835, the deceased were buried near their relatives homes, as no formal burial spot existed.  In 1835, two burial grounds were established; one on the North Side and one on the South Side.

By 1942, a new cemetery was established on the land now known as Lincoln Park.  Many of the deceased buried in the two older cemeteries were moved to this new cemetery.  Due to the possible contamination of the water supply because of the close proximity of the cemetery, in 1865/6, these folks would be moved to other cemeteries, including Graceland, Rosehill, and Oakwoods.

To Be Continued...

Future installments of Garden of the Dead will chronicle each of the cemeteries presented as "gardens of the dead" in the book Chicago the Garden City: It’s Magnificent Parks, Boulevards and Cemeteries.



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